Weekend Round-up

This bloody rain again….. another weekend’s action halted due to an unplayable ground surface. Our B team game vs Corrib Celtic, A team game vs neighbours St. Bernards & U14 game vs Kinvara will be rescheduled to a later date. However, we had a huge but unrealistic start to our Last Man Standing fundraiser. Firstly, we had a whopping 510 entries and that’s sheer credit to all those who sold tickets, bought tickets and those who drove this fundraiser in every way possible from the word go and in the space of 2 weeks. Losses by Everton & Man Utd on Day1 accounted for just over 200 participants still standing out of 510 entries. The next round of fixtures is not until February 27th with only 8 games to choose from due to the Capital one cup final. Unfortunately for Aidan Sheridan, one of the lucky winners last time round, like so many other premiership enthusiasts, failed in the first hurdle at the hands of Everton.

Our 10k run is fast approaching and we believe many have taken to the roads in training preparation for Holy Saturday March 26th. Keep up the good work, it’s all about participation plus you can also be part of the national million pound weight loss challenge as part of Operation Transformation. The Skehana couch to 5k also commences on Tuesday & Thursday night next 23rd & 25th February at 7.30pm and last year not alone did many of these participants compete in their first 5K but they participated in the Colemanstown 10k merely the following week. A whopping achievement given that many of these participants were only new to running circles. For info on the Skehana couch to 5K please contact Liam on 086 8151275.