U15A Boys lose out in SFAI Cup but not without a fight

It was a blustery day in Oranmore for Round 2 of the SFAI Cup.  Maree/Oranmore started strongly pressing on the Colemanstown goal for the opening minutes. However the defensive line up of Cathal Keane, Padraic Kelly, Tyler Collins and Nathan Mannion, along with keeper Sean Cooke were well up to the challenge, with robust challenges and good tracking.  Nathan Mannion, who was solid all game, linked well from a defensive clearance to send Matthew Keane sprinting down the wing, but the resultant pass into the box was cleared over the sideline.  Sean Cooke was on alert to make a couple of early saves and was quick to the edge of the box to cut out attacks.  Cathal Keane and Tommy Muldoon combined well on the left to clear danger and move the ball through the left then centre for Tómas Rogerson and Jamie Burke to run on to.   

Following lovely combined play between Tommy Muldoon and Darren Moran to Tómas Rogerson who took a robust strike at goal from outside the box but the ball curled just wide of the post.  Jamie, Darren and Tómas sent good through passes to Rónan Screene up front but the home defence were well alert and cleared them out.  About 25 minutes in, the home side got the first goal following some play down their left side straight across the face of the goal, leaving a simple tap in for the unmarked striker.  Colemanstown reacted well, Jamie Burke went on a run from inside his own half past a couple of home midfielders, through midfield, but was crowded out on the edge of the box.  Alex Kelly and Joshua McDonnell were introduced.  Alex’s pace down the right wing saw him put pressure on the keeper who was gathering a back pass, his enforced quick kick leading the ball to fall to Darren Moran who laid it off to Joshua McDonnell but the defenders were quick to close out the opportunity.  Just before the half time whistle went the home side doubled their lead as the away team were caught napping with an opportunistic strike from outside the box that found its way into the top corner, 2-0 at the break.

Although Colemanstown went on the attack, the home defence were solid.  Padraic Kelly’s free kick into the box was pounced on by the defence and cleared in the box.  Shortly afterwards Oranmore went on the attack and slotted in 2 goals in a few minutes to make it 4-0.  Some changes in position and Ryan Concannon was also introduced.  Alex Kelly, now in right back defended an Oranamore attack well to get the ball to Tómas Rogerson in midfield who sent a long pass up the edge of the box, Nathan got on the end of it and despite the best efforts of the home defence they could not get it off him as he dribbled forward at pace and shot it perfectly into the top left corner to make it 4-1. Colemanstown were determined to go for goals and pressed hard.  Ryan Concannon held the ball up well and sent some lovely passes out to Matthew Keane and Darren Moran but they were closed down well.  Cathal, Tyler, Padraic and Alex were busy in defence as Oranmore attacks continued.

With about 10 minutes remaining Alex Kelly sustained an injury to his knee and play stopped for a time while he received attention and was carried from the pitch.  

Joshua Buckley was introduced to the game to play up front for the last few minutes.  Tyler sent a great pass through to Ryan, who held it up well and sent a pass through for Nathan, but it was overplayed and the keeper got to it, as he looked to pass it to his centre back Joshua Buckley read the intent and intercepted the pass at the edge of the box, took a touch and shot it over the keeper, who was just off his line, into the top of the net to make it 4-2 with 7 minutes remaining.  

Joshua McDonnell moved into right back and both he and Cathal Keane were strong in keeping the speedy wingers on each side out and clearing the ball back to midfield.  There were more goals to come as Oranmore won a free kick just on the edge on the box.  The free kick was executed perfectly into the top corner, nothing the away keeper could do about it.  5-2.  

Colemanstown scored another goal a minute later with a pass from defender Cathal Keane to Tómas Rogerson to Ryan Concannon who sent it out wide to Matthew Keane who dribbled past the defender to the side of the box, sending it to Joshua Buckley who volleyed it into the back of the net bringing the game to 5-3.  The game ended on that scoreline.  Credit to the Colemanstown lads for their hard work and determination throughout the match.  

We wish Alex Kelly all the best in his recovery from the injury he sustained during the game, from all his teammates, coaches and all at Colemanstown Utd.  Thanks to Maree/Oranmore coaches and the physio who was watching the game, who assisted and offered support while it was also good to see Padraic Kelly back after a long sojourn & Joshua Buckley back following illness.   Match Report by Orla McCaffrey.

Squad: Sean Cooke, Cathal Keane, Padraic Kelly, Tyler Collins, Nathan Mannion, Matthew Keane, Tómas Rogerson, Jamie Burke, Darren Moran, Rónan Screene, Ryan Concannon, Alex Kelly, Joshua McDonnell, Joshua Buckley

Managers: Orla McCaffrey, Damien Mannion