U15 Girls fire 6 past Barna/ Furbo to remain table toppers

Colemanstown U15 Girls 6 – 0 Bearna na Forbacha B
In near baltic conditions the U15 girls stepped out to play Bearna na Forbacha B on Sunday. Previous matches had seen us loose spectacularly to them as well as win against them so we didn’t really know what to expect. We asked the girls to start strong…and start strong they did!! After quickly gaining possession from a Bearna tip, Anna Barrett and Eva Molloy quickly pushed forward and with the help of some neat footwork from Grace Mitchell they found Lillie Kirby who took a quick touch before burying the ball into the net. The clock hadn’t even reached 2 minutes! I had barely managed to get my gloves on! Fuelled by such an early goal the girls were adamant to keep the momentum going . Lillie took her chances from the off and made an impressive run up the wing with the ball at her feet. With a Bearna defender hot on her heels she took an impressive shot on goal only to watch it go just wide. Libby Kennedy took her chances next from outside the box only to strike the very top of the left post! When it dropped, Lillie Kirby was quick to advance and wasted no time volleying it back towards the goal only to watch it bounce along the cross bar this time. Not to be left out Aoife Hynes took a fine shot at goal only to see it soar over the cross bar and into the playground!! We were all rather amused by this spectacle that was unfolding with the ball going every which way but between the posts!!

When the giggling had subsided the girls eventually settled down into the game again. Further shots on goal by Eva Molloy and Libby Kennedy were impressively saved by an experienced Barna goalkeeper. On 10 minutes Libby Kennedy’s corner found Lucy Roberts in the box who volleyed the ball straight into the net behind the goalkeeper. A second corner from Libby found Lucy once again and she headed home this time to bring the score to 3-0 and we were only 15 minutes in. Some absolute superb passing from Aoife Hynes, Laoise Maybin and Eva Molloy in mids and from Anna Barrett and Roisin Ruane up front ensured the ball was kept in Colemanstown possession for most of the first half. Laoise Maybin was very quick to tackle any Bearna break- away runs and regain possession for us. Chloe Manley, Annalise Doran and Leah O’Conner were outstanding in defence continually turning ball after ball back towards our mids. Chloe Manley was certainly not going to let anything past her on Sunday!! Well done Chloe!

The second half saw the Barna girls return strong and obviously intent on scoring and our girls really had to step it up. Honor Tuohy and Clodagh Flynn worked well together up front and Edel Egan, who had had a relatively easy first half found herself busy in goals for the 2nd . A short kick out from Edel Egan saw the girls impressively build on play from the back as Lucy Roberts drove it down to Annalise Doran who involved Eva Molloy in the play. Eva crossed it into Libby Kennedy who towards the keeper before squaring across to Grace Mitchell who slotted it neatly into the goal. Impressive stuff !. Two more great goals from Honor Tuohy and Libby Kennedy brought the score to 6 nil and all her impressive work in goals saw Edel Egan maintain a clean sheet ! Clodagh Flynn was exceptional all through. Her neat forward passing helped to create a number of chances for our girls during the match. Well done Clodagh! An exceptional all round team display by the girls.   Final score: Colemanstown 6 – 0 Bearna na Forbacha B.   Match report by Zoe Kennedy