Player Profile of Jonah Donnellan: U11 Academy player

We intend to post some player profiles selected from our various underage squads in the coming months. This shall be fun for our younsgters to complete and should capture a range of our young players thoughts and aspirations as well as entertainment in reading. Parental consent is required in all player profiles of players U18 prior to posting on our website. First up is Jonah Donnellan from the U11 Academy squad:

Player profile of Jonah Donnellan,  Colemanstown United

Age group: U11 Academy

Age: 11

Games Played this season: 13 including tournaments

Seasons with Colemanstown: 5

Goals scored this season:  not sure

Favourite Position:  CAM

Boots: Ace

Soccer Player I Aspire to play like: Mbappe

Favourite Pastime: Going fishing

Other Sports: Hurling, soccer, gaelic – any sport with a ball

Nickname: David sometimes calls me Cody

Favourite Team: PSG & Man U


  1. Who is your favourite soccer player and why? Mbappe as he is good at dummies and very fast pace
  2. Who’s your favourite A team player and why? Gary Lally cos he’s very fast for a small ladeen
  3. Who’s your favourite player in your own squad/age group and why? David cos he has a great work rate and rarely misses matches or training
  4. If you could be another team mate for a week who would you be and why? Thomas (U12) cos I’d get a spin in the BMW every week and be out farming with Harry
  5. What is the maddest thing you’ve ever seen your manager do? Jason Finn giving out to the ref in Manulla looking for child protection laws to be upheld when Harry was fouled
  6. What does your manager normally say to your team at half time? If we’re winning: ‘Keep up the good work’ if not – ‘Come on lads, work like dogs for the 2nd half’
  7. Which player on your squad is……………

The fastest:  David

The best dancer: Fionn

The hardest worker: Killian

The most skilful: Shane

The Joker: Cathal

The Funniest: Cathal

The best-looking: our manager Jason Finn

Dresses best: Jason Finn when he wears a different cap every day

  1. What club did you score your first goal against? St. Bernards
  2. What’s the most goals you scored in a game? 3


  1. What is your favourite sport to watch on tv? Hurling
  2. Who is your favourite Sports person outside of soccer and why? David Burke as he’s a good leader
  1. Have you met any famous sports stars and what did you say to them? Met Henry Sheflin once and asked him how can you keep winning
  2. What is your dream sporting event to take part in and why? Dancing with the Stars cos I’d like to try all those moves
  3. Who has been the best person to advise you on your sporting game and what advice have they given you? Cyril Donnellan tells me to keep practicing on my left & right and get in the ruck


  1. Where is the best holiday you’ve ever had? Salou
  2. What would you like to be when you grow up? : To be a paid sportman
  3. What is your favourite food/dinner? Roast beef & gravy
  4. What car would you like to drive when you grow up? BMW or Audi
  5. What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up on a school morning? Do I have to get up
  6. What is under your bed? Empty boxes
  7. What’s your favourite subject at school? Maths but I’m terrible at it
  8. What’s your favourite tv programme? The Sunday Game
  9. What’s your pet’s name? Tabby the cat
  10. Is the glass half empty or half full? Half full most of the time