One last push to buy a mare or a stallion…..

There are still some top quality stallions and mares waiting to be bought from studs around the country and a selection of top quality competition horses for sale – the organising team will accept any kind of horse once he has 4 legs and can run! There’s one last push on the sale of horses for the ‘Night at the Races’ in Burkes, Colemanstown on Saturday 28th February 2015.  Your last chance to purchase a horse is fast approaching as this Thursday 19th February 2015 is the deadline as race books are going to print this weekend.

So why are we fundraising?  The club committee has identified the provision of safety side screens on our spectator stand as an urgent priority from a health and safety and comfort point of view. All money fundraised from the ‘Night at the Races’ will be used solely for the provision of safety side screens on our spectator stand.

We’re calling on all players, friends and supporters of our club to buy a horse.  Just think……  it could be your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew, friend or any child or toddler whose safety will be protected. We as a club do not wish to impose a financial burden on anyone but wish to reduce the level of safety risk to all our spectators. The maths add up: ……. if every player and parent/guardian of an underage player buys a horse, the necessary funds will be available and the safety side screens could be installed as quickly as mid March 2015. So please be generous and buy a horse……and help us to ensure that all matches can be watched safely by spectators of all ages.