O holy night the star is brightly shining…….

The Christmas trees and Christmas lights are popping up in people’s houses day by day as Christmas is fast approaching. The Cloonkeekerrill star is back again this year, shining as bright as ever in Cloonkeenkerrill cemetery, perched on the old abbey ruins.  The star is erected every year by PJ Finnerty and John Joe Ward who now make an annual ritual of this event. It is fitting that the star was lighted for the first time in 2016 last night, December 8th and will remain lit until Little Christmas on Jan 6th. The tradition began 6 years ago when PJ Finnerty decided it would be a nice idea to erect a star on the abbey gable so that first year saw a small star erected on the high gable wall of the abbey.  The star has grown in size as the years have progressed and this year sees a large lighted star which is highly conspicious as one approaches the cemetery. As Christmas is synonymous with light, the lighted star of Cloonkeenkerrill  is that bit extra special as it lights up the cemetery where all our loved ones gone before us now lay asleep.

Regarding football action, this weekend sees our last weekend of fixtures prior to the Christmas recess as our reserves and B team are both in action tomorrow and our A team are at home to Corrib Celtic on Sunday morning.