‘New’ Christmas star shines brightly in Cloonkeenkerrill

You’d know Christmas is just around the corner once you see the Christmas star shine for the first time each year in Cloonkeenkerrill cemetery. John Joe Ward & PJ Finnerty have teamed up for the fourth successive year to place the Christmas star on the apex of the only remaining gable in St. Kerrill’s Abbey. The star can be seen from miles around. A new star has been erected this year, specially hand made by PJ Finnerty. The star used over the last number of years failed this Christmas following it’s last use for the Easter Dawn mass in the cemetery, although, it had survived all types of weather over the past three years….storms, hail, driving rain, and temperatures as low as -18C. This new star will shine brightly throughout the festive season and will help light up the cemetery – a symbol for all those who have lightened our lives and have now gone to their eternal reward in Heaven.