Local Participation in DCM 2018

Heartbreak Hill at 22miles caused little heartbreak to our local lasses who were part of the 20,000 participants who took part in the Dublin City Marathon this morning. Indeed all local participants who are members of the newly formed Abbey Running Club (ARC) (Abbeyknockmoy) felt there was even more miles in the legs when they crossed the finish line gantry. It was an ideal day for running as these lassies passed many lengthy shadows from the strong Winter sunshine during the course of the run, in what were absolutely perfect running conditions. Having trained together for months, with their long run every Saturday at 7am (when it was not so bright but early) there was a range of emotions as everyone waited on each other to cross the finish line. Local teacher Sarah Keane, Newbridge was first to cross the line in 3:51; (Mary Mellody should feel part of that joyous accomplishment, having introduced Sarah to the Abbey group of runners). She was followed closely by Coleen Gallagher taking part in her 3rd marathon who crossed the line in a whopping 3:53, 20mins within her PB. Anita Murphy, Doonane, completed her 2nd Dublin City Marathon and cut 13mins off her PB finishing in an overwhelming time of 3:55; well within a Sub4. Carol Hynes, Colemanstown completed her 12th marathon in a great time of 4:02, 30 years after accomplishing her 1st marathon at the tender age of 15 years and having set her PB back in 1991 at 3:28 for the 26.2mile course. Orla Quirke, Brierfield accomplished her 2nd marathon in a formidable 4:36 while Pamela Mahony, Skehana completed her run in 3:54. As the group waited for each other at the finish line, there were plenty of hugs, Lucozade sport, jellies and even an odd Neurofen had to be taken!. Some within the group seemed like they could turn around and even do it all again!

They say after a marathon, you swear you’ll never do one again but then the pain subsides and you’re left with that overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. There’s no doubting but this group will give it another day. The gins tonight will be well earned.  Photo of the ARC participants with their medals from L to R (Back Row): Deirdre King, Anita Murphy, Orla Quirke, Sarah Keane, Coleen Gallagher, Carol Hynes. Front Row: Aoife Doyle, Una Daly, Paul Devereux – the only male participant in the group and Pamela Mahony.