Eva Molloy’s hat-trick helps make U12 Girls their best to date

Feel the excitement of the U12 girls win this morning, thanks to match reporter & team manager Zoe Kennedy.
Plenty of ooo’s and ahhh’s filled the dressing room in Craughwell this morning as the girls donned their brand new jerseys sponsored by Adrian Burke of Porter Cooling Services. They all looked class, there was no denying it – but it would take more than stylish jerseys to defeat a strong looking Craughwell team.

The whistle had hardly left the refs lips when the midfield trio of Annalise Doran, Grace Mitchell and Eva Molloy powered the ball furiously up the field towards the Craughwell defenders. Some impressive passing from Grace Mitchell to Della Griffin and then to Eva Molloy, who ran the final length of the pitch, was Colemanstown’s first, and very early attempt on goal. It was an impressive kick that just went wide. The tone of the match had just been set. The girls were looking to continue their winning start to the season!

As the ball found its way back towards Colemanstown’s end of the pitch, Captain Aisling Ruane was soon on hand to intercept a Craughwell midfielder in full stride, the ball was soon turned and the mighty Aisling brought it smoothly to Annalise Doran who forced it down the wing towards Craughwell’s end. There were a number of attempts on goal in the first half from Shona Barrett, Libby Kennedy, Anna Barrett and Della Griffin who all worked their socks off but each one went wide or over the bar.

Defenders Aisling Ruane, Lucy Roberts and Ally Nutley were in top form this morning tackling every ball that came their way and sending them right back from where they came from!

Barely 10mins in saw Colemantown’s first goal. Taking full advantage of Aisling’s very impressive defensive skills, Annalise Doran took possession of the ball and between Grace Mitchell and herself they effortlessly passed the ball between them, through the midfield to waiting strikers Shona Barrett and Della Griffin who stole forward, again passing to Eva Molloy who had positioned herself just perfectly to drive in a fine goal!  The Colemanstown girls didn’t have to wait very long for a second goal, again from Eva which she blasted in after intercepting the keeper’s kick out.

20 mins in saw Eva’s hat trick!! The subsequent air punches and raucous cheers from the girls just showed how elated the girls were. The atmosphere was terrific!!

A superb display of teamwork by Anna Barrett, Libby Kennedy and Della Griffin secured Colemantown’s 4th goal. As a magnificent cross by Anna Barrett landed at Libby’s feet.  It was passed quickly to Della Griffin who neatly brought it round the defenders and planted it confidently into the bottom right hand corner. It was text book stuff. There were 2 more attempts on goal by Libby Kennedy and a 3rd by Shona Barrett but an eagle-eyed goalie wasn’t going to let any more past her just yet.

But Colemnastown youngsters didn’t have to wait too long at all for goals 5 and 6 from Annalise Doran and Shona Barrett, both intercepting passes from the defenders and burying them into the goal.

Honor Tuohy’s restful 1st half was cut short when a Craughwell midfielder broke through and booted in a powerful ball. Without a second’s hesitation Honor reached up high thumping the ball clear. Credit must go to a resilient Lucy Roberts who time and time again defended every ball that came her way. The whole defensive line was very strong this morning with Rachel Kennedy powering away a number of threatening balls that the Craugwell strikers wrongly thought they could sneak past her!

If there had been awards for the most determined players today they would surely have gone to Ally Nutley and Annalise Doran. Their performances from start to finish were faultless. A huge credit to the team. In addition, a special mention must be given to the hard work and perseverance of  Anna Barrett. She took possession of the ball, time and time again, turning it to the advantage of the Colemanstown girls and was so unlucky not to score today.

With 10 mins left, Craughwell scored their only goal. In an instant the ball flew across the goal and was tapped into the corner. There was nothing anyone could do.

With minutes to go, the excitement obviously got a bit too much for Libby Kennedy who, for a split second, obviously thought it was a game of Gaelic she was playing as she thrust up her hands  to catch the ball only to realise a split second too late, as the ball tipped her fingers. A rather red-faced Libby, along with her team mates struggled to hold back the laughter as she suddenly remembered which sport she was actually playing!

It was a magnificent game to watch and the girls absolutely deserved their super win thanks to their hard work,  great team effort and stunning goals. Well done girls !!!

The girls are pictured proudly donning their new jerseys as they mimic their 6 goals – kind thanks again to Porter Cooling Services, Gurteen.