Ballymacward Hall Committee’s big night!

Ballymac Hall Committee (BHC) are one of 12 recipients being honoured tonight in the Rehab Galway People of the Year awards at a black tie gala in the Galway Bay Hotel for rejuvenating the hall in Ballymacward which has since played such a major role in the affairs of our soccer club and indeed the larger local community. The Rehab Galway People of the year awards give public recognition to people who through their personal leadership, participation, courage or achievement, have made an outstanding contribution to their community. Awards organiser Ollie Robinson has said that all winners are ‘people who bring joy and light to the lives of others, people who have shown true strength in the face of adversity, those who have supported others in their darkest hours’ ‘Some are well known, others are in the spotlight for the first time but all have one thing in common, they are all ordinary people who have worked incredibly hard to enrich the lives of others’ he said. These awards are one of the highest accolades a person can receive in the county and is also one of the highlights of the Galway social calendar. The rejuvenation of Ballymacward hall has sparked new life into the area as it is now utilised for many community events and by many community groups and it plays a central role in the heart of the community and is an important social centre for both young and old. BHC run about 12/14 youth discos on an annual basis which are very professionally run and well attended. A percentage of the proceeds from these discos are distributed between local sporting clubs of which Colemanstown United has been fortunate to benefit financially over the last number of years. To this end we are hugely indebted to BHC as there is no doubt whatsoever but our club would not survive only for this welcome and extremely generous contribution. So to BHC it’s hats off to you as you continue your good work in giving to the local community in terms of entertainment, finances, interaction and enjoyment. Thanks for all you’ve done for our club from all the players, members and committee of Colemanstown United. You certainly deserve your accolade and we hope you enjoy your special night.