‘B’ team look well in claiming latest points

The Colemanstown fans had little to shout about in the first half of this game, only for 2 half chances by Conor O’Grady which he finished across the face of goal. Manager Kieran O’Connor must have been pondering how ‘Roger’ on his Spanish travels hadn’t beaten the transfer deadline and at least he might have been able to acquire a striker or two and then came the second half……A deluge of goals…..5 to Colemanstown and 1 to Kilshanvey but one of them an og gifted by Damian Fahy who was attempting to demonstrate to Ross Sullivan how to clear a ball but instead blasted the clearance into his own net. Fahy sat on the crossbar for the next 5mins refusing to come down until Conor O’Grady eased his feelings when he shot from distance but the ball was fumbled by the keeper and bobbled over the line. 1-1. Adrian Burke converted from the penalty spot for the 3rd consecutive week to claim his 5th goal this season after a foul on the lightning fast Conor O’Grady. Barry Forde scored Colemanstown’s 2nd or 3rd, whatever way you’d like to look at it! when his attempted cross was poorly held by the keeper who made another blunder and the ball dribbled nicely over the line for a tonic goal. Kilshanvey got 1 back via a header after poor marking by the aforementioned Fahy & Sullivan who were still discussing amongst themselves how the og slipped in. 3-2 game on. Colemanstown sealed the points with 10mins left when Gary Broderick floated in a free kick which was added to by an Eoin Forde header towards the back post and finished splendidly by John Gormally to claim his first goal of the season. The 3-5-2 formation did the job and Kieran O’Connor was carried shoulder high 5 times around the pitch in celebration such was the unconfined joy while the players subsequently adjourned to the local hostelry for a well earned pint or two where they could not be contacted for the final score which was required for the scoreline return to the Galway FA. But Roger came to the rescue in his best Spanish reply: Colemanstown – Cuatro;  Kilshanvey –Dos; Great thanks yet again to Frank & Bernie Burke who had the ‘B’ team well kitted out with a full new kit. Even the ref took notice…..