All ‘United’ in Colemanstown (10K)

If one said before hand, running our 3rd annual 10k and Catherine B unavailable, we in the organising committee would say we were mad; she was so pivotal to it all in our last 2 years; not alone Catherine but her 2 sisters as well. How could the ‘northern lights’ be better than the Colemanstown 10k! It shows the power of a community when everyone gets together, works together and have a plan in place.  Where else could it happen – nowhere really only in rural Ireland, a little village and hub like Colemanstown. No matter whom you ask everyone is eager & willing to help. No one will let you down. Billy D & Tommy C wait for the post assigned to them for the 10k weeks in advance and thanks to Mike G & Tom B who acted as last minute stewards. Although Michael H was having plumbing problems and great difficulty finding a fresh towel, he had assigned the day off for himself in advance to support the organising committee in any way he could. Kieran O C the same story, he’ll never let you down even though he is suspicious of answering unidentified mobile numbers. Sean N, the outrider has sent his curriculum vitae to the organising committee for Dublin City marathon such were his efforts and style as lead vehicle, he’ll have no problem in getting a reference for his next top job. Caroline & Brian, Pauline, Joan & Ruth were busy manning the official water stations.  Even Deirdre & crew came up from Ballina to assist with handing out water. There was a late call for ‘Martin F Signs’ who were called into action all day on Saturday sorting km markers and assisted by the artist Brendan. Also PJF who cleaned the ditches and swept the roads on the run route, sure there’s no need for the County Council at all with lads like these. The Fas guys who did a great job thanks to TJC; even club chairman TJ himself shed a few pounds in complying with his 10k training schedule. While Kenny D solved many of our electrical issues at the 9thhour, John H came to the rescue the night before the run sorting out electrics and then spent hours the following day snapping everyone; he’d try his hand at anything! Pat & Malachy didn’t hesitate to stop in passing on the day to lend a helping hand. Thanks also to the registration staff, Orla Mc and her splendid PR, Fiona & Michelle for their undying eagerness & willingness to help, Anne Marie, Ellie & Joan for their efficiency. A big thanks to Carmel and Marguerite who showed great initiative on the day. Mary R who was so disappointed she couldn’t run got landed with a last minute job while Gearoid was in complete overdrive afresh with great ideas. Kevin R provided the musical entertainment and to DJ Martin who stepped up to the mike and played a blinder even though on his first outing he had to manage without paper back up due to a printing glitch on the day (apologies for this despite best efforts of Thomas B after severe pestering from Cora & Ger) while P Fahy even returned from Tarbert to help out. Thanks to all the specialists in marquee erection who had an early rise on Saturday morn. Thanks to Cyril who gave out the children’s medals and to the civil defense for their presence on the day. Sincere thanks to Chris Q who turned her hand to many tasks on the day. A big big thanks to all in the early morning bakery who made all sorts of confectionery, home made goodies of every shape, type, size & colour – some looked like those you see on Goyas shop window and all mouth watering stuff thanks to Cora, Majella H & girls, Pat D, Joan, Michelle, Patricia, Catherine,  Anne Marie B, Mary R, Fiona L & Martina. Thanks to Julia D and Helena M who assisted with the refreshments. A special thanks to Bernie who provided breakfast, lunch & dinner to the back ground staff and après race enthusiasts. As for the soup, what a lovely reception on a bitterly cold day after the completion of a 10k than the smell of fresh homemade soup wafting through the hospitality tent; the smell itself would warm you! Thanks to Frank & Bernie & family for their financial support yet again and for Bernie’s back ground work that rarely gets acknowledged. So Matt Bidwell from Galway City Harriers was the worthy 10k winner on the day but for the organising committee there was a load of winners …..everyone who helped out in every way….. you all deserve so much praise alongside all the participants who took part in the event. You are all the reason why this run has been such a success to date because as always you never let us down… where else could it happen only when every one knits together and supports an event… where else would it happen only in Colemanstown. Thanks to the outstanding committee for their organisation of the event and thanks to the input from the runners on the committee. Roll on next year and hope to see all the volunteers and runners back in Colemanstown again. A selection of photos have been uploaded to our gallery.